Expert System Design

Our design engineers have years of experience an all of our systems are matched to
the specific requirements of every individual premise. We take into account peak
usage, area volume to be cooled, energy efficiency and more to ensure you get the
perfect system for your particular premise.

Fully Project Managed

We manage the whole installation from beginning to end, survey, design, installation,
we make sure our clients are always happy. This leaves you and your company free to
continue operating without the stress and hassle of helping to manage an installation

Manufacturer Approved Installers

Pentland Services are experienced in a wide range of equipment brands, with each
manufacturer having their specific benefits for certain applications. Our installation
engineers have been on many manufacturers training courses, having met all their
requirements in technical ability and service quality.

Guaranteed Workmanship

Once all of the works are complete we offer preventative maintenance agreements and
full after sales support backed by up to 12 month warranties. Most importantly, all
solutions are engineered to comply with building regulations and Health and Safety

At Pentland Services we aim to be as convenient to our clients as possible. So if the
work needs to be carried out out of your business hours to minimise disruption that is
no problem we will work with around you to make it happen.

Small Commercial

Split Systems

Split Systems are the most common and typical type of system for a small to medium sized
premise. They comprise two main system components:-

1. Fan Coil Unit - This is the equipment that is installed inside a room or area to blow
out the cooled air. Units are normally placed either in the ceiling using a "Cassette"
model or on a wall using a "Wall Mount" model.

2. Condenser Unit - Placed on the outside of the building, this equipment is what cools
the air that is circulated throughout the air conditioner system.

Multi-split systems

These are similar to the above, effectively being smaller versions of VRV and VRF systems
(below) and can be designed to serve up to 7 small rooms or areas.

Inverter Systems

Inverter systems are not so much a type of system but instead they are a system characterised
by the use of inverter technology. Inverter utilising equipment is able to vary the rate and
scale of cooling of the system (See VRF and VRV below). This offers considerable system
performance and efficiency, whilst significantly reducing running costs. Almost all our
systems will incorporate inverter technology.

Medium - Large Commercial


Currently, popular systems for medium to large commercial premises are now VRV or VRF
VRV or VRF systems are modular in design condensing units or heat pumps connected to
a number of fan coil units in different rooms. These systems typically use copper pipe work
distribution systems to connect all the different components.
A refrigerant is used to provide both cooling and heating for the system, with electricity being
the power source.

Solid & Affordable Performance

These systems are typically very reliable, are very efficient and provide economical operating
and ownership costs. This is because the capacity of each system is matched to the load on
the system by varying the refrigerant volume (VRV) or flow (VRF).

VRV/VRF systems provide year round heating or cooling if required, so you do not need a
boiler and radiators if a heat pump is used. Many options are available with various means
of controlling, both locally, centrally and remote, you can have cooling only, cooling
and heating or heat recovery. Heat recovery can be used in some buildings to reduce fuel
consumption by recovering waste heat from zones that need cooling to others that may
simultaneously require heating.

Chiller Systems

Chilled water fan coil systems use a central water chiller providing chilled water to any
number of room mounted fan coil units. Heat pumps are also available but more commonly
2-pipe systems only provide cooling as heating is dealt with by an existing heating system, or
4-pipe where a boiler is used to also supply hot water to the same room fan coil units.

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